As a teacher, you have to stay informed about the learning progress of your students, and there are all kinds of methods and techniques for assessment. What do you think of teacher Chhen's active evaluation technique in Cambodia: did her students understand the rectangle lesson well?

Chhen stands in front of a class of 50 students in the Anuwat primary school in Kampot, Cambodia. In such a large class, it is not easy to use active methodologies and to maintain high student engagement.
That is why Chhen followed a VVOB training programme, where she learned, among other things, how to make teaching materials for mathematics and sciences lessons, but also how she can use different assessment methods to measure her students' learning progress.
At the end of the lesson about the circumference of the rectangle, Chhen tests whether her students have understood the content of the lesson correctly. She is inspired by the popular Jeopardy* quiz programme for this. She divides the class into four groups, each writing their solution on the board.
Do you think the students liked this formative assessment technique? Look and judge for yourself.
*Jeopardy is a quiz where the answers are given. Participants must guess the question with the answer.