eNSPIRED is the title of the VVOB-programme on equity in education. Since 2014, we’ve been organising workshops, seminars and learning weeks for teacher trainers and (future) teachers in Flanders with educational experts from our partner countries. We fuel inspiration on how equity in education and dealing with diversity can be improved. We encourage student teachers and teacher trainers to keep an eye out for interesting educational practices when they visit our partner countries for internships or work assignments. These experiences can boost both policy and practice on equity in education in Flanders.

The eNSPIRED menu since 2017

Learning weeks with educational experts from the Global South
Each year VVOB organises a learning week. We invite a delegation of educational practitioners from VVOB partner countries for an international dialogue on a highly topical issue. During their visit, the practitioners facilitate workshops and interactive sessions that foster dialogue and critical reflection in and between teacher trainers and (future) teachers in Flanders.

Guest lectures
VVOB regularly invites international experts on equity in education for a guest lecture. VVOB also facilitates international meetings between experts, teacher trainers and (student) teachers.

Community of Practice
An eNSPIRED learning community focuses on which role these and other learning experiences in and with the Global South can have in the professional development (or capacity building) of teacher trainers. In this community of practice, VVOB brings together a group of teacher trainers to share experiences and practices. These meetings will result in a toolkit with inspiring practices and lessons learnt to stimulate other teacher trainers to integrate learning experiences in and with the Global South in their courses and trainings.

eNSPIRED, an inspiring image bank
VVOB encourages her partners to integrate photos and videos on how the Global South deals with equity in education in their courses and trainings in Flanders. By using these materials, the courses are enriched with a South perspective on education.

VVOB is not alone

This programme and the activities are developed and implemented in close collaboration with the structural partners of VVOB. They are represented in an advisory board, a working group and a Community of Practice.

The advisory board monitors the progress of the programme and decides the educational topics addressed.  

A working group contributes to the content and organisational development of the eNSPIRED learning activities, guest lectures and learning weeks.

A Community of Practice explores how learning experiences in and with the Global South can be integrated in teacher trainings.