eNSPIRED is the VVOB programme on equity in education. Through educational practices from Africa, Asia and South America, eNSPIRED wants to establish international dialogue and inspire educational actors on different ways of working on equity in education and addressing diversity in Flanders.

VVOB's partner countries are countries with fewer resources and more challenges than Belgium across the board. Yet their governments manage to draw up education policy plans that are relatively ambitious. The implementation of those plans does not always run smoothly, as a result of those financial barriers, which is why VVOB supports those educational authorities through professional development of educational actors in Flanders and partner countries.
eNSPIRED enables us to bring those ambitious ideas and innovative approaches into the Flemish educational field. Because, even though research shows that we have a strong overall performance in terms of learning outcomes among our learners, we are seeing an alarming trend of low achievers increasing to 1 in 6 learners. Moreover, the gap between high and low achievers is significantly larger than in other OECD countries.

Since 2014, we have been organising workshops, seminars and learning weeks for teacher trainers, educational advisors and (future) teachers with education experts from countries in Africa, Asia and South America. We motivate students, teachers and educational advisors during their internships abroad to look for interesting teaching practices that can boost the Flemish policy and practice on equity in education.

From 2017, eNSPIRED activities took a fixed format. A set of core topics have been defined by an advisory group with representatives from our partner organisations. Each academic year, one of these topics was brought into the spotlight as the central theme of the activities on that year’s programme. Here is an overview of 6 topics: intercultural pedagogy (2015), inclusive education (2016), vulnerability in the classroom (2017-2018), gender (2018-2019), multilingualism (2019-2020) and professional learning communities (2021).

Every year, we invited our participants to attend guest lectures featuring an international expert offering his perspective on the topic of the year with a focus on the most important challenges. There was also a learning week with a delegation of educational experts from countries in Africa, Asia and South America who shared their inspiring practices with education professionals in Flanders. Through dialogue, they reflected on educational challenges and possible solutions.
These activities are the driving force behind eNSPIRED, with invaluable materials being exchanged to illustrate theory and practice in words and images.

eNSPIRED wants to be a guide and source of inspiration to stimulate the internationalisation of education in Flanders. By boosting the development of international and intercultural competencies, we want to give new momentum to the development of world citizenship competencies.

On this website, you will find numerous videos and articles that can inspire you to

  • acquire international and intercultural skills without going abroad or having physical contact with people in an international context;
  • develop international expertise;
  • gain insights and knowledge on addressing diversity in education.