In spring 2023, eight student teachers from Howest, Artevelde and VIVES (three Universities of Applied Sciences) went on an international internship to Cambodia, Rwanda, Zambia and South Africa. We believe that the Flemish educational field can also learn from countries in Asia, Africa and South America, that is why we asked them to develop an eduSHARE! To achieve this, we already got them ready during a training day in December 2022.

After this enlightening internship they shared their eduSHARE with us and with their teacher trainers. Here some examples: 
  1. eduSHARE from Rwanda | Girls in technical education [video]

    This eduSHARE was developed by Lise Delbeke and Febe Deschrevel, two final-year students of the educational bachelor of secondary education mathematics and economics at VIVES University of Applied Sciences. During their internship at a secondary school in Rwanda, they interviewed four students about how to get girls more interested in technical education.

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  2. eduSHARE from South Africa | Home language in the classroom [video]

    Barbara Vauterin and Lisa-Marie Deman, two final-year students of the Bachelor of Primary Education at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, went to Durban in South Africa. They did a three-month internship at Mthombeni Primary School. After a few weeks, Barbara and Lisa-Marie found out that the way they deal with language in South Africa is different from Belgium. The integration of the home language at school and the code-switching in the fourth grade is definitely food for thought. With some extra support from the eNSPIRED team, their lecturer from VIVES and a videographer, they interviewed some teachers, the school leader and an education expert on this subject.

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