On Friday, May 31st, the Association of Teacher Educators Flanders (VELOV) will open its doors for its annual conference, held in collaboration with the teacher training programs of Erasmus University College Brussels. This gathering provides a crucial platform for teachers, schools, educational support services and teacher training programs to come together and be inspired amidst the challenging educational context.
Despite the pressures education is facing, teachers and educators continue to tirelessly strive to maintain the quality high. They pursue innovation and constantly seek new perspectives, both nationally and internationally. This year, the conference is themed "A Fresh Perspective on Education: Boundlessly Inspiring", a theme that seamlessly aligns with the operation of eNSPIRED. Therefore, eNSPIRED will provide an international perspective this year by inviting Professor Angela James from South Africa and Cleopatra Muma Chona from Zambia to speak and engage with the participants.
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Practical Information

  • Friday, May 31st, 2024, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Campus Kanal (Erasmus University College), Slotstraat 28, 1000 Brussels

  • For teacher educators, pedagogical counsellors, (future) teachers and school leaders, but other interested parties are also welcome.

  • All 51 sessions will be conducted in Dutch except for the sessions featuring our international guest speakers.

  • Participation in the VELOV conference is subject to a fee and registration is mandatory.

Engage with our international guest speakers from South Africa and Zambia

Keynote by Professor Angela James | 'So you say climate change is, so you do …?'
A highlight of this edition is the presence of Professor Angela James as keynote speaker. Professor James, a prominent expert in science education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, not only highlights the importance of science education but also shares her insights on curriculum design, instructional design, indigenous knowledge systems, environmental education and community participation.
Her deep involvement in research-based education and her contributions to various educational domains have had a lasting impact both nationally and internationally. Through her collaboration with organizations such as UNESCO, VVOB and EPIZ, Professor James emphasises her commitment to sustainable development and her dedication to addressing climate change.
Roundtable Discussion with Cleopatra Muma Chona | 'Parental involvement, a critical factor in the delivery of education in schools’
Additionally, you can meet and engage in conversations with Cleopatra Muma Chona. She is the Executive Director of the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS). As an experienced development worker and inspiring leader, she will share her insights on effective educational innovations focusing on parental and community involvement. She will illustrate how these approaches enhance student attendance, social skills, behavior and academic performance in the Zambian context. Hannelore Lambrighs, coordinator of KOOGO vzw (Umbrella of Parent Associations of Officially Subsidized Education), will then translate these findings into the Flemish educational context, using international literature and the conceptual framework The Engagement Tree®.
If you would like to get acquainted with Cleopatra and her work in Zambia, listen to this podcast episode created in collaboration with Buiten de Krijtlijnen and discover how parental involvement in schools contributes to quality and inclusive education. 

(Photo credit: Erasmushogeschool)