In a month's time, six teacher trainees from Howest, Artevelde, and VIVES (three Universities of Applied Science) will go on international internships to Cambodia, Zambia and South Africa. In December, we got them ready during a training day. We believe that the Flemish educational field can also learn from countries in Asia, Africa and South America, that is why we asked the students to develop an eduSHARE!

How can an educational practice from the country where you are on an internship be an inspiration or input to nourish or improve educational training in Flanders?

This is the question students should keep in mind during their international experience. In fact, an eduSHARE is a product or material (a video, a lesson, an interview, a podcast, a photo series,...) based on something interesting or inspiring during the internship and worth sharing with other students or teachers within the teacher education programme. The intention is that it will enlighten other students or teachers, inspire them in some way or shed new light on a subject, topic or approach.

Partnership with VIVES on optimising the eduSHARE flow

Since 2022, we have been providing tailor-made process guidance to university colleges and partners, including VIVES University of Applied Sciences. In cooperation with them, we identify specific needs and challenges and focus on international exchange.

The cooperation with VIVES mainly focuses on optimising the eduSHARE flow. It is not easy to create an eduSHARE of high quality. Moreover, the idea is that a student or lecturer who did not have the same international experience can easily reuse this material. We therefore developed the eduSHARE flow, a roadmap that students follow to achieve a qualitative eduSHARE. 

Pilot students in South Africa

Soon, two VIVES student teachers will travel to South Africa, where they will thus search for inspiring educational practices. They are our pilot students who will first, with the necessary support from eNSPIRED and their teacher trainers, develop an eduSHARE by using the roadmap.

Curious about the result?