The start of the school year may be (or dismay) a delight to millions of kids around the globe. However, it’s important not to forget that, in some parts of the world, even primary education can be a hard-won luxury. Some of the children have to take the most dangerous roads in the world to receive the education that some of us may take for granted. If the way to school might seem boring to kids in wealthier countries, these little ones are surely glad to have a chance at a better future. The photo gallery below will show you just how determined children can be when it comes to getting an education; especially with the dangerous journeys and long ways home after school they have to endure.
According to UNESCO, progress in connecting children to schools in the Global South has slowed down over the past couple of years. Dangerous paths and the obstacles on the way to school are one of the main reasons why many children decide to quit education. Areas that lack suitable school routes can often flood, making it even harder for kids to commute to school.
The solution might seem straightforward: build roads and bridges, buy buses and hire a driver. However, the lack of funds and recurring natural disasters in many countries make it difficult to provide children with the solutions they so desperately need.
An examination of the photos will help future teachers to visualize the experiences of students around the world as they travel to school. These images are awe-inspiring and really force students to think differently about getting to school. Students might even start to appreciate some of the aspects of our public school system that they may take for granted.
Teaching Tips

  • Ask students to closely examine one of the photos and write a short story detailing what life might be like for those students including both positive and challenging aspects.
  • Ask students to research more information about schooling in one of the locations in order to develop the context of the photo.
  • Have students compare and contrast their journey to school with the students in the photos.