Education of the future: the impact of international dialogue

In this publication, we are looking back at the achievements of the eNSPIRED programme over the past few years. Since 2014, we have been organising workshops, seminars and learning weeks for teacher trainers, educations advisers and (future) teachers with education experts from countries in Africa, Asia and South America. During their internships abroad, we motivate students, teachers and educational advisors to look for interesting teachers practices that can boost Flemish policy and practice on equity in education. 

From 2017, eNSPIRED activities were given a fixed format. A set of core topics were defined by an advisory group with representatives from our partner organisations. Each academic year, one of these topics was brought into the spotlight as the central theme of the activities on that year's programme. This edition provides an overview of sex topics: intercultural pedagogy (2015), inclusive education (2016), vulnerability in the classroom (2017-2018), gender (2018-2019), multilingualism (2019-2020) and professional learning communities (2021). 

Every year, we invited our participants to attend guest lectures featuring an international expert offering his perspective on the topic of the year with a focus on the most important challenges. There was also a learning week with a delegation of educational experts from countries in Africa, Asia and South America who shared their inspiring practices with education professionals in Flanders. Through dialogue, they reflected on educational challenges and possible solutions.
These activities are the driving force behind eNSPIRED, with invaluable materials being exchanged to illustrate theory and practice in words and images.
This publication covers the period between 2014 and 2021 and compiles all the expertise gathered and shared in the field of equity in education and international dialogue. eNSPIRED wants to be a guide and source of inspiration to stimulate the internationalisation of education in Flanders. By boosting the development of international and intercultural competencies, we want to give new momentum to the development of world citizenship competencies.
The Dutch edition of this publication is available via this link. A printed copy (in Dutch only) can be obtained on request.

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