International dialogue on multilingualism

From 17 to 21 February it was Language Diversity Week at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent. Multilingualism is eNSPIRED’s annual theme. And that is why we were present with a delegation of international colleagues on Wednesday 19 February. We organised an inspiring language carrousel about how other countries deal with multilingualism.

There were eight of them. Our international colleagues of VVOB. Seven different nationalities and they all spoke at least two languages. They had a conversation with the participants about multilingualism. To get the conversations going, each of them told a personal story. They shared their experiences and exchanged tips on how to deal with this, both in daily life and in an educational context.

Curious about the stories? Scroll down!  
Each group noted their main conclusions and reflections. After these conversations, they shared them with guest speaker Sibo Kanobana (University of Ghent). At the end of the day, he reflected on multilingualism using these briefings. "Multilingualism is not a threat. On the contrary. It broadens your mind, enriches your knowledge and makes you more tolerant."

Download here the inspiring stories of our VVOB-colleagues