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Do you want to be a gender responsive educator and ban gender stereotypes from your classroom? Do you want to inspire others and raise gender awareness amongst your colleagues and learners? Join the eNSPIRED guest lecture on 13 November where education and gender experts madeleine kennedy-macfoy (Education International – EI) and Wendelien Vantieghem (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – VUB) will interact in an international guest lecture to find answers to gender challenges around the world and in Flanders specifically, moderated by Wim Slabbinck. In the afternoon, we offer you some inspiring workshops.

We assume gender stereotypes do not occur in our classrooms. After all, in Flanders, girls and boys are given the same opportunities in education regardless of their sex. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our educational system is gender responsive and all learners can develop to their full potential. Boys outnumber girls in STEM, educators tend to be stricter with boys than with girls, our schools aren’t free of school related gender-based violence, boys end up in special education more swiftly than girls and male educators are underrepresented in the work field. Despite this, gender is barely mentioned in our teacher training programmes.


09:30 - 10:00     Registration and coffee

10:00 - 10:15     Welcome by Tom Vandenbosch, Programme Director VVOB
10:15 - 11:30     Guest speakers madeleine kennedy-macfoy and Wendelien Vantieghem in dialogue, moderated by Wim Slabbinck (part 1)
11:30 - 11:50     Coffee break

11:50 - 12:45     Guest lecture (part 2)
12:45 - 13:45     Lunch and networking. Visit RoSa vzw's pop-up library

13:45 - 15:15     Workshops (more info below)


  • Tuesday 13 November 2018 from 9.30 a.m. to 3.15 p.m.
  • In Ghent, De Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Ghent (route)
  • For teacher educators, pedagogical counsellors, (future) teachers and school leaders
  • Language:
    • The guest lecture and Meet&Greet with madeleine kennedy-macfoy are in English
    • The other workshops are in Dutch
  • Free participation, registration required. (See below)

It’s all about gender

In the morning, international education and gender experts madeleine kennedy-macfoy (EI) and Wendelien Vantieghem (VUB) exchange their knowledge and experiences, looking for answers to gender challenges worldwide. Wim Slabbinck will lead this conversation and facilitate interaction with the public.

At noon we offer you a lunch and the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and network. Don’t forget to swing by RoSa vzw’s pop-up library for a quick visit! 

In the afternoon eNSPIRED continues to inspire with the following workshops:

1.    Meet&Greet - madeleine kennedy-macfoy (EI)
As a gender and education specialist, madeleine is Programme Coordinator at Education International (EI), responsible for the global implementation of the Gender Equality action plan. With a master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies, in Social Research and a Sociology Ph.D., she worked as a postgraduate researcher at the Centre of Gender Research at the University of Oslo. Her main focus is the integration of gender in programmes for pedagogical counselors and teacher training. Join the meet and greet and share insights with madeleine on how gender fits into the educational field. 

2.    Gender norms in adolescents and their influence on (sexual) health – Sara De Meyer (ICHR) and Evelien Luts (Pimento)
Sara De Meyer will present the results of the Global Early Adolescent Study, in which the influence of gender norms on the sexual health of young adolescents was researched worldwide. During this workshop you’ll try and link gender norms for boys and girls from 15 different countries to sexual health and discover how gender can be part of a relational and sexual education.

3.    School related gender-based violence (SRGBV) in Cambodia, Suriname and Flanders – Kaat Van Horen (KULeuven) and Karen De Wilde (Sensoa)
Kaat spent nine months in Cambodia to conduct a baseline survey for the TIGER-programme. She examined the presence of different types of SRGBV in  20 primary and secondary schools in the Battambang district. As Kaat presents her research results, Karen from Sensoa will compare them with the current situation in schools in Suriname and Flanders and elaborate on the ‘Sensoa flagsystem’ as a method to estimate (inappropriate) sexual behaviour, with guidelines on how to respond appropriately.

4.   Free play, children do choose – Sophie Jansen (RoSa vzw)
As an intern at the platform ‘Free play, children can choose’ Sophie created a toy box and a training session to create gender awareness in early childhood education schools. Participate and find out the strengths and weaknesses on gender equality in education in Flanders. Good practices and statements lead to useful tips and tricks and inspire for more gender responsive education.

5.   Gender in Schools: Insights from the Dutch Case - Willemijn Krebbekx (Atria)
In this workshop Willemijn from Atria, Knowledge Centre for Emancipation and Women’s History, takes a closer look at the role of gender in Dutch secondary schools. She will address the questions: which genderstereotypes are present in schools? How do they influence the career choices that pupils make? How do teachers contribute to, or alleviate stereotypes? 
Analyse real-life cases that show how gender stereotypes play a role in classrooms and jointly develop alternatives with gendertransformative effects.