eNSPIRED has steadily made a name for itself in the Belgian education system. With the organisation of guest lectures and learning weeks, the programme puts important equity issues on the education agenda. We introduce Belgian teacher trainers to good equity practices from different corners of the world, and stimulate them to integrate these inspirational customs in the curriculum of teacher training institutions. An ambitious goal that caught the eye of the organisers of the GENE award.  

Honourably mentioned 

In December 2018, eNSPIRED was internationally praised by the Global Education Network Europe (GENE). The VVOB-programme on equity in education was honourably mentioned in the GENE 2018 Global Education Innovation Award Brochure, alongside nineteen other European initiatives. 2018 was the second year GENE acknowledged promising European projects that work towards global citizenship. In doing so, GENE emphasises innovation over success. The award looks out for initiatives that lead to positive change through participation, creativity, direct action, synergies, innovation and lobbying.

Seven winners were honoured by GENE and shared their spotlight with the thirteen promising programmes highlighted in the accompanying 2018 Award Brochure. Thanks to the hard work and efforts of our team and partners, we were proudly displayed as one of the twenty most promising European initiatives for 2018. This year’s aim… the award!

In November 2018, eNSPIRED was invited to the GENE Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Leen Van Craesbeek, teacher trainer at the Flemish university college Hogeschool Vives, hosted a workshop about eNSPIRED and its impact on education in Flanders. Read her interview here.

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