Both in Belgium and Zambia, you can find community schools and both in Essegem and Ndola parents are actively involved in school life. But what exactly are community schools? And what role do teachers and parents play in this?
That is what we are finding out in Zambia and in Belgium in the presentation below with facts and figures, a short historical sketch and specific examples of Zambian and Flemish schools. You can also get started with the reflection questions. If you want to know more, you can also consult the sources and links on the last slides of the presentation.

A community school is not just another program being imposed on a school. It embodies a way of thinking and acting that recognizes the historic central role of schools in our communities – and the power of working together for a common good. Educating our children, yes, but also strengthening our families and communities so that, in turn, they can help make our schools even stronger and our children even more successful.

Harkavy & Blank (Coalition for Community Schools)

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Download the presentation of the workshop "Community schools in Zambia and Belgium"