Inequalities in school and society influence the learning experience of vulnerable learners. In his guest lecture, Professor Kwame Akyeampong argues that teachers should play an active role in creating learning opportunities for vulnerable children, and in demonstrating that vulnerable learners can achieve the same learning outcomes as their more privileged peers when given the appropriate support. To achieve this, it is crucial to organise both initial and continued teacher training programmes that sufficiently pay attention to the mindset and beliefs of teachers about their learners, and their impact on vulnerable learners, especially on those with challenging socioeconomic backgrounds. With equity in learning outcomes in mind, Akyeampong reconceptualises and restructures how teacher trainings should be organised, and motivates to act.

This lecture was part of a seminar about education for vulnerable learners. Click here to read the report and some reflections from participants, and to download the presentations used in the workshops.

Click here to read the report and some reflections and to download the presentations